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During any consultation, the vet will ask you for a summary of the reason for your visit and your recent observations. Then the consultation itself will come.

Our modern consultation room is fully equipped : optical microscope, otoscope, ophthalmoscope, electronic stethoscope, tensiometer, ECG, ultrasound, electronic chip reader, electronic thermometer, ...

We will weigh your pet to keep track of its weight, important data of its medical file and carry out a systematic and complete general examination of your animal, possibly followed by more special examinations.

At the end of the consultation, the vet will explain his diagnosis and the treatment to be undertaken.


Our surgical room is 100% modern. It’s fully equipped to perform our surgeries in the most secure way.

Surgical table, surgical heating plate (for your pet’s comfort), electric scalpel, gas anesthesia (Isoflurane), oxygen concentrator (Oxybox), anesthetic surgical monitoring, ECG, capnograph, pulse oxymeter, ...

We are particularly attentive to the comfort of your pet and actively fight pain (premedication anti-inflammatory, morphine, powerful analgesics).


If necessary, we also hospitalize your pets and take the best care to their comfort and to manage the pain.


Our center is equipped with a hospital room, allowing us to accommodate from the smallest mouse to the biggest dog, in the best conditions possible.

Each of our boxes is fully equipped and provided with a video surveillance system, under permanent control of a veterinarian.

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